From our B&B you can easily arrive to Lake Garda and Verona, and discover the  Valpolicella interland by our e-bike. 

In Valpolicella there are many paths suitable for bike, over 200 km among vineyards, cellars, medieval villages, romanesque churches, renaissance villas. You can also bike along the River Adige, for over 30 km to north true Val d’Adige, surrounded by vineyards and nature.

You can also easily reach Lake Garda with a ride of few km, and discover the paths in the lake interland among vineyards, olive groves and amazing views. Or, if you prefer, you can ride along the coast and stop for an ice cream, an aperitif or a traditional Italian shopping.

Verona city, with all its beauty, can be reached by a bike path along the Channel Biffis.

For your e-bike experience you can rent two new e-bikes that you will find ready for you directly at the B&B!

Cycle Path Adige Terra dei Forti

(26 km - 324 mt climb one way )
(26 km - 317 mt climb return path )

Ring ride Terra dei Forti

(47 km - 272 mt climb)

Ring ride Verona city

(45 km - 97 mt dislivello)

Ring ride Valpolicella

(44 km - 404 mt dislivello)


Ring ride Valpolicella hill

(53 km - 993 mt dislivello)

From Sant'Ambrogio to Negrar

(27 km - 804 mt dislivello andata)
(27 km - 773 mt dislivello ritorno)

Ring ride n.1 Lake Garda

(32 km - 385 mt climb)

Ring ride n.2 Lake Garda

( 40 km - 395 mt climb )

Ring ride true Lake vineyard

( 20 km)
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